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Thinking ahead

by Zach Ledbetter posted Oct 12 2010 2:02PM
So, what should I do this upcoming weekend? I know, it's probably a little early to be planning for the weekend---but I have to know my plans! Don't forget that there is a TTU football game at 7pm on Saturday! As usual, we will tailgate between 5 and 7 in the Magic 98.5 Tailgate Park. Hidden Hollow is also doing the annual Haunted Hollow. Truth be told, I've only been to 1 haunted house in my entire life. That needs to change this year--so if you have any ideas where I should go, let me know! I made an impromptu trip to Nashville on Sunday...made a quick stop at Urban Outfitters. I've been to their website but never into the store. Let's just say....I'm in love. Thank goodness for payday on Friday....I'll be going back this weekend. Now that I think about it, that's probably all I SHOULD do...I'll probably spend waaay too much money in there. Oh well. My motto with money: "Can't take it with you when you die". As long as I've got enough to live, I can spend the rest==right?
'Til next time...
Be good--Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
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10/12/2010 2:08PM
Thinking ahead
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