by Rae Rae posted Dec 1 2010 9:39PM
Okay Guys, I know I've slacked with this whole blogging thing in the past week, but it's been crazy as usual! First I just want to say that I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I sure know I did and plus the Black Friday shopping that went on was too crazyyy! Alright the girls in my fam make it a point to kind of make it a tradition to do this Black Friday shopping thing, now granted we didn't have anything specific that we needed to get besides Lincoln Logs (by the way that's a whole nother story). We just like to go to see all the crazy people out shopping and possibly get a great deal on something at the same time. Well we went to Toys R Us to get the Lincoln Logs which by the way they were sold out of, well we got a few things in Toys R Us and as we were walking back to the car we were in the little yield to predestarian walkway thingy and this lady in this Toyota Highlander seriously about runs over us and I'm like "Lady it is wayyyy to early in the morning for you to be messing with me." Well as if that lady hasnt already made me mad she has the audacity to "wait for my parking spot so she can have it." Well we just sit there til she finally moves because I seriously wasn't going to give her my spot not after she about ran me over. After that little incident we swung by the Stones River Mall to see what good stuff was happening there. We ended up getting a few things, running into people I go to school with, and actually having to go back to Vixtoria's Secret because the sales lady ended up leaving the little security thing on. The bad thing is when we went off going out the store the lady was like your fine go on and after we beeped at another store we figured out what it was and I had to go back to VS. Thankfully the nice girl that I talked to let me skip line and I was on my merry little way. After that we had a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then we went to Mt. Juliet and did a little shopping and finally back to Cookeville we came. It was definitely an interesting experience, besides almost getting runned over there wasn't no big fights or anything of that nature. Apparently I missed the fights, they were supposively at Wal-Mart but who knows. Anyways, that was my eventful Thanksgiving Holiday. In other news I only have one more week of classes left....this excites my little heart! You have no idea how crazy this semester has been and for it to end in a week and I walk across the stage just seems crazy to me, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. Okay, now that I've caught you up on my life I guess it's time for me to actually go something productive!

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12/01/2010 9:40PM
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12/07/2010 6:07PM
Oh geez!
We're lucky we made it back alive!
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