What a week!!

by Rae Rae posted Sep 25 2010 12:09PM
Okay, I would NEVER wish my life away, but is it December yet?!? I've had one crazy week and I really don't think it's going to get any less hectic until December. I've trying to impress Mr. Professor man so much that I spent 6 hours in the editing room yesterday and I'm still not done with my project and then I went to High School Football games with the Internship and got rained on ( I didn't take my raincoat because my mom said it wasn't going to rain...thanks mom!)  and I didn't leave Nashville last night till 11 and it was POURING the rain (seriously thought about pulling over it was raining so hard.) So by the time I got home it was well after midnight and I looked like a little orphan. Then I get up bright and early this morning so you guys can hear my sweet voice so early in the morning! =) I know all of this is worth it but I just need it to be December alrready! I think that's about it for now. I just needed to rant a little bit! I must be going now....oh and thanks for all the phone calls this morning, I'm so glad to see we have loyal listeners!! You guys rock! =)

Oh....P.S. There's only 11 more weeks of school left...(Yes I'm counting don't think I'm not!) =)

With love,
Rae Rae* =)
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09/25/2010 12:14PM
What a week!!
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