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The Most Disturbing Twilight Products of 2011 from

by Freaky Dave posted Nov 28 2011 6:58AM

Breaking Dawn Baking Dish--Personalize your very own baking dish with great sayings from Twilight.

Breaking Dawn My Little Pony Wedding Set--Isn't everything just better when it's said through Ponies.

Twilight Edward Wig--The boy's hair was the butt of everyone's jokes and eventually became so popular he got his own generic "Night Time Romeo" wig.

Team Charlie T-Shirt--"No one Forks with the Chief of Police" Except Me! We love Charlie and his Magnum PI mustache.

Twilight Sex Necklace--Carry around a fake image of Bella and Edward's first time around your neck.

Glow-In-The-Dark Edward Face Soap-Why?

Bella Inspired Deodorant--Now your pits can smell just like Bella's pits.

Cullen Car Cover-For the vampire driver in all of us.

Any And All of The "Covered In Feathers" Merchandise--After Bella and Edward rub nasty bits for the first time ever, Bella blacks out. She then wakes up and is all "why am I covered in feathers?" Edward's response was that he got so carried away that he bit a bunch of pillows.

Glitter Lube--Once sold at Hot Topic, this lovely sparkly lube is actually Robert Pattinson's favorite terrible thing to come out of his Twilight movies.

Bella Swan Diorama of Bella Playing Herself at Chess--It makes about just as much sense as Bella's reasoning. Such a great centerpiece and it's only $150.

Twilight Panty Party--Ever since the release of the horrifying Edward Twilight Panties, the underwear market has been hot, hot, hot for some cold, cold vampire lovin.

Reusable Twilight Baby Diapers--For tiny super fans.

Twilight Condoms-They'll put a logo on just about anything.

Obsessive Cullen Disorder necklace-If you wear this you need help.

Cullen Flat Iron--To make your hair just like his!

Edward Body Pillows--Yep, there's more than one. Choose from the Edward body pillow that you can straddle, or the one with manila pillow arms. Never sleep alone again.

Baby Renesmee--The demon spawn of Edward and Bella.

Edward Tampon Case--Crack open Edward's felt head and shove your lady items down his neck.

Imprinted T-Shirt--So everyone will know you now belong to a werewolf and he has left his mark on you.

Twilight Embryo Ornaments-Where will it end?

Edward Doll With Steve Buscemi Eyes--Made entirely of dryer lint, possibly - the creepiest thing about this doll are his sad, sad eyes.

Jacob's Ashes--Carry around the cremated remains of your favorite shirtless werewolf.

Twilight Jeans-You'll be the coolest person on in your house.

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11/28/2011 6:58AM
The Most Disturbing Twilight Products of 2011 from
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