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It's The Man Quiz!

by Freaky Dave posted Feb 21 2011 11:22AM

It's The Freak Show in the Mornings....

It’s your chance to see who is “more of a man." Give yourself (or your hubby/boyfriend) a point for every yes: (and yes, Lee Wray and Freaky Dave answered these to see who is more of a man)

  • Got a tattoo (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Brewed your own beer (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Driven a car worth more than 100,000 dollars (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Owned a dog (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Quit a job because you were pissed at (or hated) the boss (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Told your dad face-to-face that you love him (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Worked overseas (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Placed a bet over 200 dollars (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Demanded a pay raise (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Saved a life (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Grown a beard and had it for more than two years (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Taken a ride on a wave that was bigger than you (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Had sex in a public place (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Run a marathon (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Learned to play a musical instrument (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Written a book (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Gained revenge on someone (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Been a best man (Lee: YES Freak: NO)
  • Caught a big fish (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Flown a plane (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Rode a horse (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Had a go at diving (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Became a vegetarian for at least 6 months (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Gone broke trying to buy love (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Bought a dud car (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Slept with an EX-girlfriend (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Become a dad (Lee: NO Freak: YES)
  • Sat on a jury (Lee: YES Freak: NO)
  • Swam with dolphins (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Woken up with a stranger (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Given blood (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Gone to an all black march (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Acquired a scar (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Climbed a mountain (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Performed an anonymous act of generosity (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Skydived (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
  • Tied a bow tie by yourself (Lee: YES Freak: NO)
  • Won a trophy (Lee: YES Freak: YES)
  • Rode a motorcycle twice the speed limit (Lee: NO Freak: NO)
Your score:
  • If you said "yes" 10 or less times -- you need to get out more.
  • If you said "yes" between 11 and 20 times -- you're cool. You've suffered pain, embarrassment and success.
  • If you said "yes" between 21 and 30 times -- you are a better man than most. Good luck with the rest of the list.
  • If you said "yes" between 31 and 40 times, you rule! You are the man!
LEE WRAY SCORE:13 (which mean “you’re cool. You’ve suffered pain, embarrassment and success)
FREAKY DAVE SCORE:22 (which mean “you’re a better man than most. Good luck with the rest of the list)
FINAL TALLY: Freaky Dave is more of a man than Lee Wray
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02/21/2011 11:22AM
It's The Man Quiz!
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