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Freak's Blog World Monday 10-4-2010

by Freaky Dave posted Oct 4 2010 2:35PM

In a poll posted on Netscape, readers were asked, "Who's the best celebrity role model?"

Sandra Bullock (28%)
George Clooney (15%)
Oprah Winfrey (7%)
Bono (7%)
Ellen DeGeneres (4%)
Angelina Jolie (3%)
Miley Cyrus (2%)
Brad Pitt (1%)
FREAK NOTE: Ok seriously Miley Cyrus? I can see Sandra, George, Oprah, Bono, etc., but Miley Cyrus? Why not? Let's just add Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan to the list too!

One-third of workers say they have become very sleepy at work or actually fallen asleep on the job, according to a National Sleep Foundation's "Sleep in America" poll. The problem is so rampant that some companies have given in and now offer employees a nap room. (FREAK NOTE: think I need to skip the first part of the Freak Show and grab a "Power Nap!")

Men, you better watch out. Once women feel secure in their relationships, their sex drive plummets. Just four years into a relationship is enough to make a woman's libido wane, according to researchers at Hamburg-Eppendorf University in Germany, who found in a study of 520 men and women that less than half of 30-year-old women wanted regular sex. Specifically, they found that at the beginning of the relationship, 60% of the women wanted sex "often," but four years later less than 50% wanted it. After 20 years in a relationship, just 20% wanted to have sex often. The opposite is true for men. No matter how long they are in a relationship with the same woman, 60 to 80% of men still want to have sex often with her. (FREAK NOTE: in my case you have to actually find a "significant other" for this to apply.... yeah call me a loser-lol)

A recent study conducted by Irish plastic surgeons suggests that men are the victims of human bites at 12 times the rate of women and that "late-night alcohol fueled aggression" is largely to blame. We thought this was pretty funny. Why do people resort to biting when they're drunk? 86% of the bite victims had been drinking at the time they were wounded. 70 percent of the bites occurred on a weekend or a holiday; 70 percent of the bites were to the face. (FREAK NOTE: then again I have known some ladies that were really into this.... go watch a Twilight movie.... you'll understand!)

1. Your alarm clock went off at 5... but PM, not AM
2. As you leave the house, you're tackled by a gang of IRS auditors
3. While walking out to your car, neighbors are all shooting at you
4. A group of protesters have gathered at work, to protest YOU
5. The handle on your dresser fell off; the handle on your desk fell off; you're afraid to go to the bathroom



According to, here are some things everyone knows about women ... that aren't true:
  • Women Aren't As Aggressive -- Studies have shown that women might naturally be the more aggressive of the genders. At the very least, they have the capacity to do major damage.
  • Only Women Suffer from Body Issues -- Women have been complaining forever about the impossibility of living up to the female body image that is presented in media. The truth is men are starting to feel the exact same pressures to look perfect.
  • Women Aren't as Good at Math -- A recent study of more than seven million students found absolutely no difference in math scores between males and females.
Scientists in Australia and Hong Kong conducted a study to discover how different body measurements correspond with ratings of female attractiveness.
It doesn't matter where you are in the world, young, tall and long-armed women are considered the most attractive.
"Physical attractiveness is an important determining factor for evolutionary, social and economic success," said lead author Robert Brooks from the University of New South Wales. "The dimensions of someone's body can tell observers if that person is suitable as a potential mate, a long term partner or perhaps the threat they pose as a sexual competitor."
Previous studies have focused on torso, waist, bust and hip measurements.
But, in this study, the team found that guys were more impressed with arm length -- even more than leg length.

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Freak's Blog World Monday 10-4-2010
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