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by Zach Ledbetter posted Oct 6 2010 4:18PM
Without a doubt, this is the most serious blog I've written thus far...
I'm just beside myself with all the coverage that this 'bullying' video from Ellen DeGeneres has gotten. All I can say is "FINALLY". I'm glad to know that there are people like Neil Patrick Harris, Collin Farrell, Demi Lovato, Jason DeRulo, Alicia Keys, and MANY MANY others who will stand up against this issue until something is resolved. I'm no where near the level of any of the said celebrities but I want to fight the battle with them and end this problem. It happens ALL over the world--Not just in big cities like New York, London, Syndey, and Dallas...but all over the place, in small towns, and right here in our community--the Upper Cumberland.
I've seen it happen. I've been a victim.
Bullying can be verbal, physical, or emotional. The sad part about bullying is that it's usually caused by some ignorant person who is afraid of someone else who is "different" than them. Different can be lots of things: social class, racial, sexual orientation, appearance, friends, interests....the list can go on and on.
With the recent video from Ellen, it refers to several teenagers, including the latest teen-Tyler Clementi, who have been bullied so much about their sexual orientation that they committed suicide. Really? People are so afraid of someone else who is different than them that they drive that person so crazy to committ suicide?
I'll proudly stand up and say I'm different. I'm gay. Was that so shocking? Probably not. I used to be the kid that was afraid of being gay--thinking something might be wrong because I was "different" than anyone else....but you know what? I figured out that it's okay to be different, its great to be different--I want acceptance, I want to be loved, I want to have best friends, I want to be successful--which I'm sure all of these qualities you want as well. I don't care at all to be different--being different from you or anyone else makes me the person that I am!
I've been made fun of for being different. I have been called every derogatory name that can be used for someone that is homosexual. I'll be the first to tell you that being bullied is not fun. It hurts. I don't want it to happen again. I don't want bullying to happen to any other homosexual person, or someone of race, or someone who wears glasses,  someone who has braces,  or God forbid someone who is "different". I don't want bullying to happen to ANY person. Including you.
If you're being bullied--get help. There IS someone out there on your side. I'm right here and more than happy to help if needed--come find me at the radio station.
I'm standing up against bullying--will you?
We're all different--thats the great thing about life!!
Dare to be different!
Click here to see to bullying video from Ellen
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10/06/2010 4:19PM
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10/07/2010 3:12PM
Equality for all
Bullies have their own issues to work out and take their frustration out on those who are "different" or perhaps just happy with their lives. Congrats on being proud of who and what you are Zach. I'm bi myself, and I once feared rejection but found that a lot of people are more accepting of it than I once thought. Just because a person is gay doesn't make them any less of a person, it just makes them unique!
10/07/2010 5:01PM
Kuddos Zach...
Yes it's Freaky Dave.... and I wish everyone could read this. To me, Zach is a brother and close friend, not to mention someone professionally I rely on daily. His sexual orientation was neither thought about nor considered when I had the honor of hiring him to work on Magic 98.5! I commend him and look up to him for having the guts to be so blunt and display his emotions, as well as his personal life on a blog like this. Kuddos to you Zach for having a voice and not being scared to use it! Always, ALWAYS, have your back, no matter what!
10/14/2010 1:13AM
Nice blog
Zach, I think greatly of you, you're smart and intelligent but after reading your blog I respect you even more. I find this blog very insightful and inspiring. Take care. K Ferram.
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