-New Year, New Outlook

by Rae Rae posted Jan 5 2011 9:22PM

Okay, I know I've slacked these past few weeks due to that fact that I've been super busy trying to graduate college, get ready for Santa Clause to come see me, and ringing in the new year with some of the coolest people I know. So please forgive me on not blogging the past few weeks.

Let's go back to graduation, that was definitely the longest graduation ceremony ever!! I was in the monring ceremony (there are 2 ceremonies each semester 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) well out of the 850 people that graduated in the first ceremony I was seriously like 830. Haha I had to sit there over two hours before I got to walk across that stage (might I add that I wore these AMAZING blue suede pumps which looked totally amazing walking across that stage getting my diploma!) So anyways that was forever long but I made it through and now officially have a degree! After graduation I had like zero time to realyl prepare for Sant because of all the snow we got so that was a rush rush at the end (which I blame my mother for most of that, she is the procrastinator not me!) So here we are on Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping. My mom loves that kind of stuff, ya know getting things at the last minute and putting the final touches such as bows and name tags as the family is walking through the door. That's not me, if it was up to me everything would be bought, wrapped, and neatly placed under the tree no later than a week before Christmas! Clearly my Mom is not like that. I keep telling her she could learn a few things from me, she begs to differ. So after Santa came and brought me tons of stuff it was time to get prepared for out great New Year's Eve Bash at Club Jet! That was definitely a lot of fun with my Radio Family, in fact too much fun to write about! Oh and did I mention in between Santa and Club Jet I spent a few days in Virginia visiting family and trying on Bridesmaid dresses for my Best Friend's Wedding. So that was a crazy three days to say the least! Now you guys can see why I've not blogged in a few weeks!

Now that you're caught up in my life, let's talk about the Big Extravaganza coming up this Sunday January 9th! It's the Magic Moments Bridal Show at Cookeville High School. It starts at Noon and will run through 6pm. If any of you guys are planning to get married in 2011 you'll definitely want to be there. TONS of vendors will be there and plus there will be the Studio Sixth Bridal Fashion Show with Wedding Daze (P.S. Mary Mac and myself already picked out our dresses so yes will be rocking the runway!) So definitely plan on coming to the Magic Moments Bridal Show, it's like you can plan your whole wedding in one stop (this is way I'll definitely go when I get married, that IF I get married!) Anyways, it's going to be great so come hang out with this Sunday!

I guess that's about it for now. I'm so glad I could catch you up with my exciting life! (That's sarcastically can ya tell!!)


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01/05/2011 9:22PM
-New Year, New Outlook
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06/03/2011 1:00AM
u rock Rae Rae!!!
heyy rae rae its shelby i love ur dj'ing on the radio...gotta say i rather have u as a dj than tht charlie brown dude.Well i love hearing u dj .U rock girl...email me @ shelby_lulu5@yahoo.com ! se ya later .. PeAcE=)
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