by Rae Rae posted Nov 6 2010 9:51AM
Okay, I'm hanging out in the studio on this cold cold cold day!! It's totally decieving if you look out the window, it looks like a great day outside with the sunshine and you would think it's a comfortable 78 degrees, and then BAM you walk outside and it feels like Antartica out there! No Fun!!!  I actually talked to all my friends back in Virginia and they have a couple of inches of snow when they woke up this morning! I'm thinking if it's going to be this cold that it at least needs to snow a little bit! Ya, know what I mean? Moving on now, tomorrow is a big day......it's my BIRTHDAY!!  Okay, it's just my 22nd birthday, I know it's nothing big or say a historical birthday like 13, 16, or 21.....but I believe in celebrating every birthday like it's one of the big ones because you've made it another year and I think that's important and accomplishment within itself. =) So tonight the whole fam is getting together and we're having a little bonfire kind of thingy (I'm not real sure, they've kind of left me in the dark about the plans) but whatever the plans are, I'm sure it's going to be great!! =) So, that's what I'm looking forward to this weekend!! In other great news, one month until I graduate!! Get Excited!!! I've only been in school for the past 18 years...It's time that I have a break! haha! I guess I better be getting back in the studio, I have a radio show to do! I hope you guys have a great weekend!! STAY WARM!! =)

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11/06/2010 9:51AM
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03/19/2014 6:40PM
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